Said M. S. Al-Naqeeb

Mr. Said M. S. Al-Naqeeb is a prominent and highly respected citizen of the State of Kuwait. With more than 40 years as a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Mr. Al-Naqeeb commands a varied business portfolio including ventures in the Beverage Industry, Specialized Securities Systems, Manufacturing and the Petrochemical Industry. Mr. Al-Naqeeb is the owner and Chairman of Rakha Al-Khaleej International since its founding in 1991 – one of the most successful Petrochemical & Polymer Distribution companies in the Middle East and Internationally.

Rakha Al-Khaleej International, through it’s distribution brand: POLYDIST, has grown internationally with over 25 offices worldwide, distributing over 500,000 MT of petrochemicals annually.

During RAI’s 25-year celebration event our chairman, Mr. Said Al Naqeeb shared the unique story of RAI’s founding and success in this short video.