Imagine being able to custom tailor the lifespan of a product or it’s packaging, to optimally meet both consumer (or client) and environmental needs. For years, scientists have been searching for an effective way to accelerate plastic degradation without harming the environment or compromising functionality. With P-Life oxo-biodegradable technology, that vision is now a reality.

P-Life, short for “Programmable Life”, is an additive that allows manufacturers to custom tailor the life of every plastic product they make, without compromising a shred of performance or functionality. When added to polyolefin polymers, such as polyethylene (PE, LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE) and polypropylene (PP), P-Life creates molecular scissions in the polymer chain, allowing oxygen to bond to the polymer and break it down into smaller and smaller compounds, which can be naturally consumed by microorganisms, which convert the compounds into organic biomass. This results is a plastic product that will begin to degrade in a few years (or even months) after its use, instead of thousands of polluting the earth for centuries. Depending on the concentration of P-Life added to the plastic product when it is fabricated, we can even custom tailor the useful life of the product before biodegradation occurs so for single use products such as sandwich bags or food packaging, the product can be programmed to biodegrade in a matter of months, whereas a shampoo bottle, which may need to last for 5-10 years, can be programmed to stay in tact longer.

The result, is that P-Life empowers the world’s most significant companies to seamlessly re-imagine their products into the most environmentally friendly solutions this planet has ever seen, without the need to change their manufacturing infrastructure, process or design. For the first time, corporations can operate ethically and heighten their brand’s eco-conscious profile, while still delivering their clients and consumers the uncompromising performance they deserve and expect.

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Products Description Process
Standard Grade Biodegradable Additive Standard additive used in PE and PP single use plastic applications.
Transparent Grade Biodegradable Additive Additive used in high clarity PE and PP Applications.